Tax Savings

Very few REALTORS® have meaningful experience with agricultural farm tax. Fewer still have the tax planning expertise of an accountant with two decades of experience. As a farmland REALTOR® and a farm tax specialist, Fred Mertz has the expertise to maximize the value of your land and minimize the tax you’ll pay on the transaction. At the same time, our experience allows us to contribute to:

Family Harmony

We can help everyone join together to discuss the issues that matter.

Farm Planning

Even if you’re selling part of your farm, we can help ensure the land that remains is productive and tax-efficient.

Estate Planning

Any land sale has important implications for the family’s estate planning. We deal with these issues as an integral part of the sale process.

Instead of forcing a last-minute reorganization of your affairs to facilitate a sale, our tax planning system takes a long-term approach based on clearly established principles and objectives. In this process, three issues are paramount:

What do you want to achieve?
What is the simplest and most direct way to achieve it?
What is the most tax-effective way to achieve it?

Diana Satchwell, Cremona


“Fred has always been such a kind person, not just your accountant, but really your friend, and that’s exactly what I needed. He was a great comfort.”

When Diana Satchwell decided to sell some of her family’s farmland, she contacted a trusted confidant her family works with. Fred Mertz, an agricultural tax specialist and realtor with MaxWell Canyon Creek, laid the groundwork for the land sale by developing a personalized tax planning strategy. Diana and Fred began the process with a Discovery Day. Fred visits the client’s farm for an informal discussion of how the sale might fit into their long-term personal plans, as well as influence their tax position.

In the end, Fred was able to negotiate a full-value price for the quarter-section of land Diana wanted to sell. For Diana Satchwell, the sale was a happy ending to a process made much easier by the expertise and personal support of Fred Mertz.

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