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Selling Your Farmland

Is your Alberta farm for sale? Consider the process Fred Mertz uses to guide Alberta farm families before, during and after the sale of their farms. Over the years, this process has allowed Fred to achieve excellent results for clients, creating success stories we’re proud to share.

Discovery Day

The first step in the process involves a personal meeting with Fred Mertz. His goal, always, is to maximize the value of your farm land. Fred will explain your options and explore when a sale might be best and how to achieve important tax savings. At the same time, our most valuable function is to guide you through a process of determining your own personal priorities and objectives, and ensuring the sale helps you achieve these.

Listing and Marketing

Once your property is listed, you can relax and leave the driving to Fred Mertz and his team. In this fast-paced market, there are plenty of people who want to kick the tires, but fewer who are truly serious about making a well-valued offer. We’ll manage this process and let you know when a credible offer is in sight. At the same time, we’ll be working on your customized plan to achieve the maximum in tax savings.


As our success stories illustrate, one of the real advantages of working with Fred Mertz is our style of ongoing communication. We’ll be in touch regularly during the marketing period – which could last several months – and as the deal is finalized. Of course, if you have a question at any time or simply want to talk, we’re always available.

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Wayne and Donna Sibbald, Springbank

2008_06_16_0077“When you’re selling land,” says Wayne Sibbald, “the tax side of it can be as important as the sale price.”

When a land sale is part of a family farm whose roots go back more than 125 years, tax-planning, family needs and price are all critical. That’s why Wayne and Donna Sibbald called Fred Mertz.
Wayne’s great-grandfather homesteaded in the Morleyville area beginning in 1875, while Wayne’s father moved to the current site west of Springbank in 1944, in the vicinity of a farm owned by Donna’s family, the Harwoods.
In a family as historically significant as the Sibbalds, it’s important that the next generation is able to continue the legacy. Son David and his wife Mary Beth continue to raise Red Angus cattle with Wayne and Donna, living nearby in the family’s original late-1800s ranch house.
With land west of Calgary costly and difficult to obtain, the Sibbalds’ son Russell decided to move to Saskatchewan to farm with his family. Here again, Fred Mertz’s combination of agricultural tax planning and farmland realty fit the bill. With some deal-making assistance from Mertz, Russell Sibbald and his family are now farming near Beechy, Sask.
To Wayne and Donna Sibbald, Fred Mertz was the right professional with the right skills at the right time.

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