Retiring with Pride Through Farming Families

Last month, we talked about how Farming Families works with young farmers to make sure they have access to the land they need to keep the agriculture industry in Alberta strong. This month, our blog is going to be for the retirees who are ready to move off their land, want to see that it continues to be used for farming, but need to retire with pride and dignity.

Retiring with Pride Through Farming for Freedom - Farming for Freedom - Farmlands Alberta

We find we work with many farmers who have put off retiring because they’re anxious about what giving up the farm will mean for the future. A lot of these farmers figured their kids or grandkids would just take over the farm, but with less than a third of farm kids staying to take up the family legacy, that’s not a safe bet anymore. Some of the older farmers we work with are worried about the taxes they’ll have to pay, or they’ve heard horror stories from friends about someone losing nearly everything. Others just aren’t sure where to begin. If any of this sounds familiar to you, Farming Families is here to help.

When we first start working with retirees, we have what we call a Discovery Day. Basically, we’ll all sit down and have a chat about your priorities. What are you hoping to accomplish in retirement? What do you want to see happen with your land? We find that more often than not, the wants are fairly similar.

Alberta farmers know that agriculture is more than a job, it’s a calling. They want to see their land going to the next generation of farmers not being turned into a parking lot or a suburb. They also want to be able to live comfortably and securely without worrying about debt or money down the road.

By working with Farming Families, you’re choosing a team as dedicated to the Alberta agriculture industry as you are. We’ll help you to connect with a young farmer and investor so that you’ll see your land going right back into the hands of the next generation. We’ll help you to navigate the tricky tax areas, to retire with dignity and pride, and to leave your farming legacy safe in the hands of new Alberta farmers.

Are you ready to retire? Farming Families wants to help you accomplish your retiring goals without compromising your priorities. Call us today at (403) 277-2605.

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