How to Reduce the Complexity of Alberta Farm Sales

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From the first minute you entertain the idea of selling a family farm in Alberta, you’ll notice that virtually nothing is as straightforward as it seems. Because the farm is a business as well as a property, things like revenue, easement, and structure values have to be taken into account, along with land prices. In the same way, the tax and finance implications of selling a working farm can mean that the price a buyer pays and the amount you actually get look like very different figures.

Selling a farm is a complex transaction. We have learned how to make the process simpler for our clients and reduce the complexity of the transactions.

Here are just some of the ways we make things easier for you to understand and work with:

By helping you separate what’s important from what’s irrelevant. In any complex process, and especially the sale of a family farm, there are going to be some details that matter more than others, or matter more at a particular time. We can help you separate the important from the irrelevant, so that you find answers and solutions that make sense for your family and goals.

By giving you a qualified and experienced outside perspective. Most families will only ever go through the process of selling a farm once – we’ve done it dozens of times. That means we have a unique perspective that we can lend, especially when you feel overwhelmed by details and emotions.

By breaking a very complicated system down into simple parts and steps. The key is not to focus on everything at once, given that selling a family farm can take months or even years. Because we know what steps have to be taken, and when, we can guide you from one part of the process to another. Our job is to plan for you, provide you options, and negotiate on your behalf.

If you feel overwhelmed by the idea of selling your family farm, don’t worry – it is a complicated process, but you just need the right team of advisers behind you. Call Fred Mertz Team today and ask for a free consultation.

By Fred Mertz  

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