Have You Heard About Alberta’s Newest Provincial Park?

It often seems like Albertans take a lot of criticism from our fellow Canadians for being driven by oil and having a complete disregard for the environment. I can say with certainty, that those who say so have not met the vast majority of Albertans or Alberta farmers. In fact, Alberta’s newest Provincial Park is being dedicated as a sanctuary for wild grasses, wetlands, and wildlife. It was also donated in full by an Alberta farmer.

Have You Heard About Alberta’s Newest Provincial Park? - Farming for Freedom - Provincial Park Alberta

Antelope Hill Provincial Park, located near Hanna Alberta, is just under 950 acres. This huge parcel of land was never cultivated, meaning its beautiful rolling hills and untouched wetlands are home to undisturbed and rare native grasses, sprawling aspen groves, and a large variety of wildlife including ground squirrels and elk.

Gottlob Schmidt is at the ripe age of 90, and like many of the Alberta farmers we’ve worked with, is only now deciding it might be time to retire. His dedication to hard work, and his generous donation of the land he’s lived on for 80 years to all Albertans is astounding. Mr. Schmidt is a shining example of the character we see in so many Albertans and Alberta farmers.

Once opened to the public, Antelope Hill Provincial Park will be used for low-impact recreation such as hiking. It’ll be a great place to bring the kids or grandkids to spot birds and chase gophers.

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