Happy Thanksgiving Canada!

Thanksgiving or Action de Grâce is a Canadian holiday celebrating harvest and blessings for the year. It’s the time of year when family gathers together from all over Canada to eat, spend time together, and be thankful. One of the most beautiful things about this holiday is that there isn’t any gift giving or chocolate. It’s simply about families spending time together to create a feast for everyone to enjoy.

Happy Thanksgiving Canada! - Farming for Freedom - Alberta Land Sales

Thanksgiving has its roots in harvest festivals. Harvest festivals have been celebrated nearly as long as we’ve had agriculture, and generally they brought together community, religion, and feasting. Farmers and peasants (who often had a personal garden) would bring their extra produce to share and feast with their church and family.

Nowadays, it’s pretty hard for farmers to take a vacation or even a long weekend. They have huge farms and plenty of equipment that constantly needs work. There’s always more to do than time to do it. Because of that, our hardworking Alberta farmers will likely be working most of the long weekend. They may take a break on Sunday to sit down for dinner with their family, but by Monday, most will be back to work and getting things done.

Most people don’t grow and raise their Thanksgiving supper anymore. The turkey, pumpkin, potatoes, yams, beans, corn, and other goodies come from our farmers. Alberta cattle production gets a lot of praise, and our Alberta beef is renowned worldwide, but turkey farming also takes time and dedication. This is one of the best times of year to remember and appreciate that Alberta’s turkey farmers are working hard all year round to serve Canadians during the holiday season.

At Farming Families, we think it’s important to remember that without our Alberta farmers, a big part of Thanksgiving would simply disappear. So when you gather together this October and sit around the table for your Thanksgiving feast, remember to be thankful of the farmers who play an integral role in producing the produce and meats that Albertans enjoy every day of the year.

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