How Farming Families Benefits Young Farmers

Farming has never been a profession that Albertans have taken lightly. It’s a lot of hard work, but we think the benefits are pretty great. After all, what other profession has take-your-kid-to-work day everyday and teaches you to drive by the time your ten? Many of our young farmers grew up on or around farms, and they understand the dedication and passion it takes to work in Alberta’s agriculture industry.

How Farming for Freedom Benefits Young Farmers - Farming for Freedom - Farmlands Alberta

Unfortunately, starting a farm isn’t as easy as it used to be. The industry has changed a lot over the years as people moved into towns and cities. For one thing, farms have gotten larger. But despite inflation affecting the cost of land and just about everything else, the sale price of agricultural goods just hasn’t been keeping up. Some farmers are having to take on second jobs in order to have financial security, and farms just keep getting bigger and bigger. This growth is necessary to keep up with food demands and to produce enough to support our farming families. But these changes make it very difficult for new, young farmers to get into the industry.

At Farming Families, we understand that land isn’t affordable the way it was when the previous generation was purchasing their first plot. We empathize with our next generation who are left with little access to land, but we’ve also been speaking and working with retiring farmers.

Retiring farmers want to have financial security in retirement, and they want their land to remain in agriculture. This is one of the most important priorities of retirees. That’s because just like our young farmers, retirees understand the that working in the agriculture industry is more than a career. Farming isn’t a job; it’s a calling. They don’t want their land developed into malls and parking lots; they want it to go to the next generation.

That’s where we come in. Farming Families was formed from the shared passion of keeping Alberta farmland in the hands of farmers. We bridge the gap between retirees and young farmers by introducing them to individual investors. They understand the value of farmland, and they want to see the land continue in the agriculture industry too — but they don’t want to farm themselves. This creates a perfect opportunity for everyone. Retirees can sell their land knowing that the next generation is ready to take their place, investors are given financial and tax opportunities, and the young farmers has access to the land they desperately need. By working with Farming Families, young farmers are also given the opportunity to purchase their land from the investors in the future.

If you know that farming is what you’re meant to do but you’re struggling to find land you can afford, Farming Families can help you make the connections you need to begin. We’ll work with individual investors to purchase the farmland, and many of the young farmers we work with come to own the land they’ve worked. We would be proud to help any young Albertan who wants to contribute to our great agricultural legacy. Call us today at (403) 277-2605.

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