Farming in Alberta

When Canadians and other non-Albertans think about agriculture in Alberta, their first thought likely jumps to beef. This makes sense, with over 3 million heads of cattle, Alberta produces half of Canada’s beef and Alberta beef is enjoyed as a luxury around the world. But beef is not all we do here in AB, and anyone who’s spent any time in our beautiful province knows we’re also part of Canada’s breadbasket. We also produce a good chunk of Canada’s canola crops.

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Ranching is just one way that many Albertan farmers make their living. In fact, ranching has a long history in Alberta, and many of the first settlers who came out west were open range ranchers. At that time, the bison population had suffered considerably, and settlers were able to replace the huge herds of bison with cattle. However, while our cattle is renowned, we’re also successfully raising many other types of livestock. Today, Albertan ranchers raise goats, horses, and sheep. We’re also Canada’s leading province in beekeeping. As for the bison, they’ve made a come back, and Albertan ranchers raise them too!

Farming is the word the average Canadian uses to refer to the entire agriculture industry, but farming generally refers to just crops. The key crops in Alberta are wheat, barley, and canola. Since the creation of the Canadian National Railway, Alberta has drawn people from across Canada. One of the major effects of the railway was the ability to bring people into Alberta and to take meat and crops out of it. Even in the very beginning of Canada, Alberta was working hard to feed families all over Canada.

Mixed Farming is the most popular form of agriculture in the northern and central areas of the province. But in the past, southern Alberta had seen its fair share of mixed farming, and much of southern agriculture is still mixed farming. Mixed farming is, as the name suggests, a mix of both ranching and crop farming.

At FarmingFamilies, we strive to help Albertans working in any sector of agriculture. Whether you want to retire out of agriculture, are a young Albertan itching to get into the industry, or just need some extra help with sorting your taxes and running the business side of your farm, we have the expert advice you need. Farming Families is run by Albertans for Albertans. If you need help or have any questions, contact us today.

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