About Barns


A barn is an all purpose agricultural building. It’s used for housing livestock, storing crops and equipment, and is the place many farmers find themselves spending a lot of time. Barns can be large or small. Sometimes they’re one purpose, often they serve many functions and have offices, work benches, tack rooms, and feed rooms, among other things.

Whether you’re building your first barn or tenth, there are some things you’ll want to keep in mind. Ventilation is probably one of the most important features your barn will have. Good ventilation will keep the respiratory health of your animals in good shape and prevent the spread of disease. Without good ventilation, heat, odor, ammonia, and allergens begin to collect in areas of the barn.

Proper ventilation for your animals and you is a good first step towards providing a safe barn. However, it’s hardly the only important feature. Besides obvious necessities like safe, level footing, you’ll need proper lighting. If you can’t read a newspaper everywhere in the barn, you also can’t properly examine wounds, hooves, or medications. Outlets and access to electricity is also important. You never know when a vet will need to perform an x-ray or some other power-demanding job. Easy access to clean water is also absolutely necessary.

While a good barn is an important part of a farm, they can be very expensive to build. Fortunately, Alberta has created a Farm Loan Program that can allow new and established farmers alike to have access to the financing they need to begin or expand. You can find more information about this loan on Alberta’s Agriculture website.

Farming Families is here to help Albertan farmers with their difficult financing questions and work towards their goals. If you need a hand finding the next step on your farming journey, call Farming Families today at (403)277-2605. 

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