3 Questions for Anyone Who’s Thinking About Selling a Family Farm


There is rarely such a thing as an easy decision to sell the family farm, especially if the land has been passed down from one generation to another. But, as tough as it can be to even think about moving on from that kind of shared legacy, the questions and issues that come up later can be just as difficult – and even more confusing.

To give you a sense of what we mean, and why it’s important, here are three questions for anyone who’s considering selling a family farm in Alberta:

1. Do you care who you’ll sell the land to? Sometimes, a family wants to move on and the financial details are more important than who is giving the offer. In other situations, though, farmers may only want to sell to other farmers, or to a member of the same community. There aren’t necessarily right and wrong answers, but how you’ll want your family’s farm land to be used later is something you should consider from the outset.

2. What comes next in your life, and for your family? Farming isn’t just a profession, it’s a lifestyle. Knowing what you and any children, siblings, or other involved parties will do later (both as a profession, and in terms of where everyone will live) is helpful so you can make the right short- and long-term plans.

3. How confident do you feel that you’re getting the right advice? Agricultural land sales are complex transactions, and you want a team on your side that doesn’t just have the knowledge to handle the paperwork correctly, but also the integrity to help you find a deal that’s in your best interests (and not just try to make a quick commission). That isn’t always easy to find.

Fred Mertz has worked hard to develop a reputation as the top resource for families selling agricultural land in Alberta. To find out more about his work, or to ask questions about your particular situation, call or email his office today to arrange for a free consultation.

By Fred Mertz  

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